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Possible problems in flowering


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Hi guys, I think I may have my first issues with my Candy Kush Auto. She is maybe 2 -3 weeks into flower and the last 4 days or so, I have not noticed much growth. Her buds are not swelling and seem to almost stop growing at this point. I noticed her leaves are starting to curl down at the tips and the tips look like possible Nute burn? Also, I have noticed red stems (look at photo below) Not all stems are red, and some are red, then go green or vice versa.

I watered her yesterday (she still feels heavy this morning) with plain water PH at 6.7. I have not checked her runoff.

Can you all help me diagnose her and get her back to good?







Thank you all for your help!


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looks like too much Nitrogen dark green and claw like leaves

you would need to check ph
Are you feeding flowering nutes ?
Did you ever flush her completely ?

Hope you get it sorted

Yes Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom. But every other watering. 1/2 strength.
I never flushed her completely, but did water her yesterday at twice the volume of her pot.


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Since she is still very heavy (lots of water still) Should I water again now and check runoff PH, or wait for her to dry out? I noticed she is taking longer this week to drink also.


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No food yesterday, just watered 2x the size of her pot. was my attempt at a flush but ran out of water :)


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thats ok then, check you nutes what ever one has less nitrogen in it give it 1/4 does next feed in a week or so depending on your drying time then build slowly up ,plants use less N when flowering and more PK there may have been a build up before you switched , but check ph of run off also every one on here will tell you ph is the most important thing , i learned tons reading posts here and ph is a fine line between the good the bad and the damn right ugly lol
Good luck:thumb:


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Ok, So I'll leaver her be, and deal with it next watering. Think she will bounce back ok?
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