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Possibly fungus gnats

Night Prowler

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I have tiny flys darting around the dirt. They are only half the size of a dog flea though. Arent fungus gnats larger? I hardly noticed them until i got right down with my face in the dirt looking at a thermometer.


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i hate fungus gnats!! evil little flys.

been using gnatrol for about a week now and i cant find any larva which are the dangerous part i guess. still have quite a few flys though i guess the pupae ones still get to hatch out and live?

i also used some nematodes and they just seemed to run off and do whatever they didnt seem very well trained at gnat killing lol. they were really small i guess they crawl up gnats butts and eat them from the inside out o.o


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get fly glue traps that you can get at home depot. They worked great for me. Those along side mosquito dunks was all I needed.

fly strips work very well for fungas gnats, and any other flying bugs that happen to be buzzing around in the room.
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