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Post Brain Surgery by Tom

Julie Gardener

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Post Brain Surgery by Tom​

Greetings. I am a survivor of brain cancer for over a dozen years (malignant tumor removed in Oct. '91), and now have a short-term memory deficit defined by neuro-psych testing as a "moderate to severe impairment", which also manifests as a slower thinking rate. I have had bouts with depression, primarily because of my struggle with keeping up with normal conversational speeds. I was prescribed an assortment of the different legal drugs, including antidepressants and Ritalin and various combinations of these (if you are familiar with antidepressants, you know that a person cannot just switch from one brand to another. You must taper off of one for a couple of weeks, then taper back onto another for a couple more weeks, etc.) After all of this trial and error medicating, I finally rediscovered, on my own of course, the stimulating effects of cannabis, and the effect on my mental processing ability was dramatic to say the least. I can keep up with anyone while under the influence of this natural miracle drug. I think it is a travesty of justice that our government is more concerned about the almighty dollar than they are about the people they are supposed to be serving. Please tell me what I can do to help with getting the medicinal use of cannabis legalized. I want to be able to use the medicine that works best for me with dignity and respect, not in the shame of darkness.

-grateful to be alive.

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