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Post pictures of your water cooled DWC


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Hey everyone! I'm building a simple cabinet grow system and have almost all parts to start building. Just waiting for the carbon filter and all the little bits and pieces to stuff.

My cabinet will have plenty of fresh air and a strong exhaust. But I'm worried about water temps in my DWC. I'm going with a 18g bin that'll have 2x 10" air stones for only 2 plants. Will also have a top drip feed that will circulate a little as well. Change water every week of course.

Does anyone have any inexpensive things they can share that solved the warm water issue in DWC? I've seen a few good ideas like building a duct to go in with a small fan and get water moving through the root zone.
Pictures are always the best! I'm not able to spend a lot of money at this point since I'm already at my cap... Lol so the water chillers and whatnot won't really be an option for now.
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