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Post your Polyploids


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@Danimal123456 I can picture that easily... The chromosomes are fucked up and not dividing properly...... Those bud have soo many leaves tucked into her,, make a good candidate for molds.... A true polyploid all the tops behave that ways.............

GL with her... Drop by my thread when you harvest and give me your feedback......... Well you can drop by anytime.. And if you have any questions,, someone will answer if I ain't on. Good group of peoples.............
Would it be bad to cut the part of the plant down? My thoughts are that the plant is using and potentially wasting energy my normal buds need?


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I've got this on the go..
Pics are over a month old. I should take some new ones of her.



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Here's what I have going now. I've cloned it and all the clones are growing the same and also she's been growing like this from seed. Started with 3 same size cotyledons.

Here's the adult flowers - same plant

More vigor, more leaves with smaller yields but faster finishing.

Clones had roots in under 10 days in a glass of water. WAY faster than any other clones I grew the same time same procedure.
I take cuts and dip the cut into some willow bark tea and into a glass of water. Change water every other day. Foiler kelp tea and willow bark tea with water every day.

As an adult the fan leaves are only 3 leaflets close together like a duck foot. The three sets of leaves did that all thru the plants life cycle instead of going off setting like most cannabis - this one continued 3 apposing leaf sets - can see that in some of the flower pics.

She's still growing but chop day is this week sometime.



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Well fast update in case anyone is still tweaking on these freaks... I have one from Feminized Seeds' called Knock-out? She's doing her freak shit... One thing bout anyone growing these Polyploids whatever,,, is they are a thick ass bud,, and even with proper R/H control,, they will get rot if you ain't careful... Last one I had,, I lost that 'odd' buds to 'dry' rott..... But here's an update pic... She is starting to show amber in the trichrome department... the rest of the buds and all clear and way early....

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I have that issue when I get them. Gotta keep the room RH lower. Hard for me in summer time. There's sooo many leaves that there's not much air flow in there and the flowers are dense. Harvest early maybe??

I just pulled mine the other day - she finished in 35 days. Was a Tri-ploid. Test puffing right now.

I got 75gms dry trimmed all top shelf. Smallish plant but FAST finisher. I got clones so experimentation time. Gonna let the clones go 2 weeks in VEG then throw them into flower in 3 gal pots take cuts and see what's what.

35 day finish is conservative. I could have chopped @ 30 days with same yield.

This was at chop but she looked just like that for 30 days. I'm kinda pissed but running 1st time so didn't know what to expect. I took cuts. Gonna run the clones 2 weeks in soil and flip to flower in #3 pots and see what we can do. 35 days is something to consider.

EDIT: different mutation than Woody's plant. This one had 3 cotyledons at the start. I took pics! lol

Edit 2:

Baby Seal Pup on top of a Fire Breathing Dragon.
Am I the only person that looks for faces in my weed??
They are looking at me - I swear.

Ugly Duckling at up-pot and into flower - I wired all the side branches WAY out because mold. Ran a fan right on that plant the whole run 24/7.

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This is definitely one!

See three sets of apposing leaves instead of 2 sets apposing leaves?

This is a clone of one I had last round. I took several cuts and about 1/2 of them retained these traits the other 1/2 grew out of it and were stellar plants fast growth very fast metabolism and really good weed.


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This is definitely one!

See three sets of apposing leaves instead of 2 sets apposing leaves?

This is a clone of one I had last round. I took several cuts and about 1/2 of them retained these traits the other 1/2 grew out of it and were stellar plants fast growth very fast metabolism and really good weed.


Clone sister of the above that grew out of it

Nice work:)


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Polyploid cells and organisms are those containing more than two paired (homologous) sets of chromosomes. Most species whose cells have nuclei (Eukaryotes) are diploid, meaningthey have two sets of chromosomes–one set inherited from each parent.
~ Wikipedia

Because of the limited resources I personally have found, I'm hoping to gather a few more pictures and examples of polyploidy as it relates to cannabis.
I've been scouring the web looking for other examples and while I did find a few, I didn't want to jack anyone photos from other forums, to post here. Plus I believe that we have at least two polyploid plants growing right now in journals on 420magazine forums. So let's make a resource for the next folks that see this mutation.

So please if you would, post your examples of this that you have come across, or share the information you may have, with the rest of us :)
I certainly don't expect too many to post pics as this is a rare mutation.
G,day My Dog Spot, hope you and spot are well. I have a plant growing now that looks a lot like the one you have pictured. Really flat wide stem. Its like three or four branches joined together very unusual I must say. Do you want a couple of pictures? It is G13 Gigabud femenised. Had another unusual one a couple of years ago also fat stem but with two and three leaves all growing on top of each other each with their own stem but all joined together. It was a G13 skunk #1 femenised. Cannabis is an amazing plant and when you get a freak it is awesome and interesting always be open to learning new things about this wonderful plant. Really looking forward to watching this plant grow and then mature. Regards Downunderdope.

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Popped 5 Arise seeds (Irie Genetics, 3 female, 2 male) on 3/26/19, 60 days of veg, first sacs opened on flower day 25. This particular plant was very slow out of the gate, very short leaf stems throughout, lateral branches showed 4 early, then 5, then random 3 or 3-2 fan clusters. Stayed on top of the nutes overall which I am pleased with considering this plant sucked up juice aplenty. Started collecting pollen today. I will use and store as needed. I am interested in acquiring polyploid seeds produced from 2 poly parents.



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Hey:) my Poly, 9 days from flip. Sorry for the lights on pics. HPS.
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Grown indoors , hydroponics. Natural mutation
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