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I wasn't gonna say anything but I too have found that topping the third node (twice) to stop vertical growth of the mainstem permanently, will cause polyploidism. Especially in autos. Check out my journal and you'll see I done the same thing then my node 1 branches grew with random polys (multiple random sites with double budsites at the top)(which have split and grew out of poly) the other branch at node 2 grew with a set poly of 3x3. Single top with three branches at every node. This is what you want. 3x3 branches will yield the best. But anytime I top-stop at the third or lower node, I get polyploidism. 4th node presented one poly branch (random) which also grew two heads(as if I topped it). These were all autos. They seem to react differently than photos when topped early. Maybe something to do with genetics, Or it could be a coincidence. Idk, but topping early gives me poly tops.


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A few pics as im getting exited as the thing as turned into the size of a tennis ball, the long cola is from the poly plant but hasnt got loads of nodes but it still seem larger than the others on different plants.

It's very difficult to get a really good picture with so much bulk, I know. :)


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I am higher than I have been in a while. I had some "dro" I got from a local recently, this is better.

It cured for a month. I snipped a bit from the middle.

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Looky what I found on one of my Sour Jack girls! It looks to be 2 (maybe 3) growing together.

3 days ago

Last night

Stem is definitely flat and comes from 3rd node topping off the main stem that was topped at the 3rd node. I couldn't get a picture capturing the branch off because I didn't have enough hands to hold everything. Here's a shot of the flat branch and you can see the distinct line up the middle.



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I was kindly sent this link after posting my plant in the problem section I believe my plant is showing this same thing, it's critical impact I did top the plant early on before I noticed this. The stem is flat and the leaf formation is all stacked or bunched together. Is this a good thing? Should I be taking clones or just ride it out? lol I was worried it might hermie will it be ok?


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Ride it out. I ended up with a cricket ball sized bud that was hollow in the middle cos of the huge stem but the rest of the colas were huge
Thanks for the heads up, did it yield better than normal? Also was the bud hollow or do you men the stem?
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