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Post your Polyploids


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I also cloned it and have the clones flowering now I'l get some pics they didn't have polyploid passed down but they are nice frosty big colas like the mother. That could be down to other variables though.
Be looking forward to the pics, I lollipop'd mine and noticed some of the branches was hollow not all was but the larger thicker ones was I've never noticed this when lollipoping but I've never checked before, I'll be checking for future reference [emoji1308]


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Grand Daddy Purple S1:

I've had a few of these eyesores. I'm of the opinion that excessive breeding is the cause of this problem. There's just no regulation in this industry, and everybody who can shake a male plant over a female plant is calling themselves a breeder. I wonder how many plant diseases have been transported around the world due to this underground market we deal in? These don't yield (at least they haven't for me), plus any clone of them I've done grows normally.


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I knew I could find this thread. Seeing how I have a poly going now it is time to bring it back LOL. This is a Blueberry Headband poly in the early stages of flower.
Here is the stem of the poly. It is almost 3/4 " wide in this picture.
Almost a 1/2 of this plant has poly type buds going.
One question to the others that have grown out buds like this. Are these plants more prone to bud rot?


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I always knew of poly's as a plant with 3 or 4 sets of leaves instead of 2. Those plants grow fine they just have extra leaves. The buds of those plants look the same as others. So I agree with you. What is going on here is just in certain branches. I have had a lot of plants self top and get weird looking buds. They are not like these. In each case there is odd growth in the stem well before the buds form. This is the first plant I have had do this from the get go. Will be fun to watch anyway. Here are updates on its progress.

In the next picture you will see that this plant has no quit when it comes to being weird.
First time I have had one split in the middle of a finger.
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