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Pot and Significant Others


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I am just curious about those of you that have a significant other, do they smoke MJ?

I was in a relationship with my ex fiancee for 4 years, and he refused to smoke MJ... it became a huge issue and cause of stress because he drank but wouldnt smoke and I didn't see why I shouldn't smoke... so I did.

I am now in a happy healthy relationship with someone who smokes... and its a thing we both do together to relax and unwind. It's beautiful.

Tell me about your situation.


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I'm married and my husband never has and never will touch the stuff. I on the other hand am the type of person that smokes everyday. It doesn't cause any conflict for us, in fact he drives me to pick it up, and gives me the cash.

But I'm respectful of his space, I keep all my "utensils" in a cabinet, and smoke in the garage away from him. When I'm finished, I wash up and use a lil mouthwash, so I don't smell like I've been hotboxin all afternoon.

It works out perfectly! ^_^


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I have a great wife. After being diagnosed, and taking meds for more than a year, she suggested I try marijuana. I hadn't smoked in over 15 years, but I jumped right on where I left off :)

She indulges about 3 times a month, but makes sure I have mine on a daily basis. (When we can afford it)

I'm one of the lucky ones, my buddy next door smokes and his wife told him to stop. So he comes to my house and sneaks it in :)



PS that was about 6 years ago.


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my girl was a smoker before we met, and she smoked a little when we got together, and she stopped and now doesn't want me to smoke... I dont like this but I am trying to get he to agree to lightly smokin


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I've been with my girlfriend for two years this month and we've been smoking since before we were dating. We were lucky enough to have a small group of great friends who would always split the cost when we all needed bud. After moving in with my girlfriend we have always split the overall costs. She even paid for the mylar in the growbox i convinced her to let me build to cut back on expenses. Now I just need to get her to help me tend the grows as well!


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I've never had the problem, then again I haven't been in a relationship for 4 years. My room mate on the other hand is now dating a girl who's father is a judge and hates it that he smokes. Hasn't caused any problems yet, but I believe it will. I say this because he is one of the few people who has the same affinity for the cannabis plant as I do. After all Marry Jane is the first woman we both fell in love with long ago.
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