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Pot Business Grows (Canada)


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The federal Conservative government may have slashed research funding into medical marijuana earlier this month, but Prairie Plant Systems Inc., the Saskatoon company that has the contract to grow pot for approved medical users, was not negatively impacted.

In fact, company president Brent Zettl says a one-year extension of the contract to grow the marijuana at a secure underground growth chamber located in a Flin Flon mine workings was signed Oct. 1. It actually calls for a doubling of the volume for the coming year and more revenue for his company.

"At this stage of the game we're supplying about 300 to 325 people on a monthly basis who have an exemption for medicinal purposes who have a medical condition that grants them that exemption."

The number of patients gaining that exemption is growing so the legal
medical marijuana program is now close to running out of supply, he said.

"We're shipping out somewhere between 32 and 35 kilograms a month and
we currently produce about 20," he said.

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Source: Prince Albert Daily Herald (CN SN)
Pubdate: Sat, 21 Oct 2006
Author: Murray Lyons
Copyright: 2006 Prince Albert Daily Herald
Contact: editorial@paherald.sk.ca
Website: The Prince Albert Daily Herald: Daily News from Prince Albert - Saskatchewan
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