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Pot Club Operator Says IRS Demands Millions


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FAIRFAX, Calif.–The founder of a Marin County medical marijuana dispensary says the Internal Revenue Service is demanding millions of dollars in back federal taxes following an audit that disallowed its business expense deductions.

Lynette Shaw of the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana tells the Marin Independent Journal the agency based its decision on a tax code provision that blocks such deductions for illegal drug traffickers.

The IRS says it cannot confirm or deny any audits because of disclosure and privacy laws.

Dispensary operators and attorneys say pot clubs across the state are facing similar audits.

Shaw and other dispensary operators say not being able to take business deductions would force them to shut down. She says she plans to fight the audit's findings.

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This story is indicative as to just how important we pressure politicians to re-classify Marijuana from Class I drug to at least to Class IV.

Thank Richard "tricky dick" Nixon (“I am not a crook!”) for that part in this procession of stupidity in this “War on Drugs”.


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Sounds like rational grounds to no pay federal taxes - pay it to the state(s) instead!


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Technically the right to NOT incriminate ones self would mean NOT paying the States ANY taxes on Cannabis until the said States Protect it's "Citizens" who are legal under state law from the FEDS!

As they are using State income tax returns as Evidence against them in Federal Court.
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