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Pot Debate Focuses On Religion, Medicine

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Students experienced a "high" level of discussion at last night's sold-out Heads vs. Feds event. The first in the Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll Debate Series at Baker University Center, pit "head" Steve Hager, editor in chief of High Times magazine against "fed" Robert Stutman, a former Drug Enforcement Agency officer. Both parties declared their position about the legalization of marijuana before opening the debate up to student questions.

Hager gave five reasons for the legalization of marijuana: its medicinal purposes, the benefits of hemp fiber, overcrowded prisons, the funding of corruption, along with cannabis' religious importance to counterculture.

"We're good people," he said. "We're as American as apple pie and baseball. We are honest, sincere people and to us marijuana is a sacrament. So please, can we have a little freedom of religion in America?"

Stutman said Hager was "acting like a petulant eight year old" by including religion in the debate, saying that "10 guys getting together on Saturday night and smoking a joint isn't religion."

Religion isn't something on which to base public policy, Stutman argued.

"I guess we didn't learn our lesson on 9/11," he said. "Just because you did it in the name of religion doesn't make it right."

Stutman also countered Hager's argument for legalized medicinal marijuana, citing several studies that downplayed the medical benefits of cannabis and the current use of natural substances in prescription drugs.

He also addressed the increased number of marijuana users legalization would create and the effect that would have on automobile accidents because of cannabis' effect on depth perception.

Hager reiterated his belief in marijuana as good medicine because of the lack of sexual and mental side effects that often come with prescription medication.

"Side effects (of marijuana) are you eat great, you sleep great and you have the best sex of your life," he said.

Both stressed the importance of activism and voting, regardless of which side you supported.

"If you think I'm wrong and you don't vote next November, you sit down and shut up," Stutman said.

Source: The Post, Athens, Ohio
Copyright: 2008, The Post
Contact: Jessica Holbrook / Staff Writer / jh136105@ohiou.edu
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We need better vocal activists in the legalization movment. I could have schooled that ex-DEA agent and I am only 18. All I would need is some facts and figures and the most recent indy. studies and I could have got the majority of the crowd going in my favor. Fuck this pseudo dogma shit that is a DEA tactic.


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yea I agree with you on us needing better vocal activists

they get away too often with just spitting out outdated research that most people arent familiar with.
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