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Pot Dispensaries - Illegal in Holly Township

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Medical marijuana dispensaries are defined as illegal in the ordinance the Holly Township Board of Trustees sent to the planning commission for review, or amendment.

According to Clerk Karin Winchester, the planning commission will hold a public hearing and review the ordinance proposal in June. It will either amend or approve the ordinance and then send it back to the township board to vote on.

Once the board votes to approve the ordinance, the changes would take effect seven days after it is officially published, Winchester said.

The ordinance was designed to be simple, and compliant with the statewide laws. It defines important terms related to medical marijuana. It also limits the number of people who can grow and sell medicinal marijuana to one per household, or a married couple, and allows operations within the medical marijuana law of 2008.

The ordinance does not allow medical marijuana dispensaries inside the township with the exception of the village. "That's really the only regulation," said Supervisor Jesse Lambert.

"The law doesn't allow for them," said Winchester. "I feel that ( the ordinance ) is really well balanced and that we're honoring the voters' rights."

Should future court cases define dispensaries as being legal, the ordinance would be changed to allow them, she said.

Laws concerning medical marijuana are new and just beginning to take shape, said Lambert and Winchester. "We're still in the infancy stages," said Lambert. States like Colorado and California can give clues to what should, and should not be done in an ordinance concerning medical marijuana, he added.

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