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Pot Dispensaries Not Only Item On Chico City Council's Agenda


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CHICO – Though the discussion of medical marijuana dispensaries will likely dominate Tuesday's City Council meeting, the council will also consider a request from Mayor Ann Schwab to develop a city diversity action plan and will hold a public hearing on properties that have been deemed a public nuisance due to weeds, refuse or debris.
After months of work and hours of public discussion, the council will review an ordinance that proposes regulation for personal residential marijuana cultivation and includes provisions for dispensing collectives.

The ordinance would limit the space of outdoor grows to 50 square-feet and would require a permit for indoor grows that is subject to the property owner's permission.

Under the ordinance, collectives and cooperatives would be permitted to cultivate, process and distribute marijuana in light manufacturing and industrial zones as well as general manufacturing and industrial zones.

Hegan Lane Business Park and areas off of Park Avenue are areas that would be impacted by the ordinance.

No facility would be permitted within 300 feet of any residential zoning district or 1,000 feet of any school.

Tuesday's meeting will also include a public hearing on a resolution passed at the council's April 20 meeting declaring numerous properties to be a public nuisance and ordering the abatement of weeds, rubbish or debris from those identified properties.

The hearing will allow to the council to consider any objections

to the resolution.

Mayor Ann Schwab is also asking the council to consider developing a diversity action plan.

Schwab recommends the plan include methods to promote outreach to under-served populations, increased diversity on boards and commissions and development of programs that promote diversity in the community.

The council must to vote to place the item on the agenda.

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