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Pot Dispensaries Worry About Proposed Sacramento County Law

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA - The battle continues over where pot dispensaries can go up and where medical marijuana plants can be grown.

One week before a temporary urgency ordinance goes before the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, several dispensaries met for an informal outreach meeting with the county.

Some Sacramento County pot dispensaries call the proposed ordinance unfair, drastic and even impossible. They worry the county is attempting to zone them out of existence.

Among the proposed conditions, growing any marijuana outside would be prohibited and dispensaries would have to be 1,000 feet away from churches, schools and parks.

"The differences in distances and everything make it impossible," Medical Marijuana Vendor and Patient Kristine said.

Right now, there's no zoning regulations in the unincorporated part of Sacramento County that allows for pot dispensaries.

"We are working to develop a process whereby dispensaries can be permitted use, under certain conditions," a county spokeswoman said.

"I think, there's gonna be great pressure to put this urgency ordinance into place," attorney for several dispensaries Jeff Kravitz said. "And then, they say we can work the kinks out afterwards."

Many county dispensaries want more rules and regulations, but they don't necessarily support the proposed ordinance.

"I do believe we have to have some type of ordinance," Kristine said. "I'm OK with some type of rules. But just to take it all away, or making it impossible for us to be able to medicate, I think that's wrong."

The county said the ordinance it's developing should be online by Friday.

The ordinance goes before the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors Tuesday, June 21 for public comment and a vote.

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