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Pot experiments for Science!


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Pot experiments, for SCIENCE! and profit. And for PONY!

Planned experiments:
testing LED light bulbs sold for general incandescent sockets ( A-19 or similar screw type socket) starting with the cheapest available, currently the Wal Mart A-19 60 watt dimmable LED light bulb.

Working on a guerrilla style lab, for some serious experimentation, and can use ideas for more. and for what's already been tried.


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Proposed science Experiment #1

Segregated growth area (using a prototype grow bucket design)
Lighting fixtures
60 watt LED light bulbs (Wal mart Great Value 60W dimmable LED, starting with single bulb.
Cloned plant

Procedure outlined:
Taking standard dirt and cloning techniques, clone plant. once it has been established the plant has rooted, and is thriving, swap out the CF bulbs currently used with LED bulbs. Air is restricted during cloning process, but will be able to have a normal growth area.

From a study on the spectrum from a teardown video, it APPEARS that the GV 60 watt bulbs have a similar spectrum to the standard incandescent, however, they seem to have a spike in the blue range, and a drop in the green, and low on the red. From this, the theory is that the bulb might make for a good veg bulb, using less electricity to put out more light than a 40 watt CF bulb.

Teardown video of the bulb being used.

Second test:
Replace LED's with similar LED's, but with the proper color LED's, and retest using original testing standards.



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I think your experiment is great. It could potentially benefit a lot of people, those who use LEDs and CFs. And those who do really quick grows.

I am just fine with my MH and HPS bulbs (I like my girls BIG and FAST) so I don't have any suggestions for you. Good luck, make sure you post your results here! I really think it will benefit a lot of people on this site. Hopefully they will chime in with some ideas for you.


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Well, with my rather large background in the sciences and electronics, I should have no issue replacing the stock white LED's with LED's that are better suited. HOWEVER, if it can be done without changing a thing, even just for veg? a few cheap LED bulbs could help someone save a little more money at least for part of their setup.
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