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Pot-Growing Cave Sold To Cheesemaker

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A home built above a large cave that once housed a sophisticated underground marijuana operation may have a delicious - and legal - future.

Authorities seized the home in 2005 after finding more than 850 marijuana plants growing under lights in two secured, 100-yard-long underground rooms connected to the home.

"Everything was just perfect. Look at the craftsmanship," auctioneer Pete Scruggs said of the marijuana operation in the natural cave about 45 miles northeast of Nashville.

Roth Kase USA Ltd., a Wisconsin-based maker of European-style cheeses, won a court-ordered auction of the property Saturday with a bid of $285,000. The company's auction representative, Chuck Olson, hinted about the future of the cave after he was named the winner.

He said the plan is to "make money," and the cave's new operation will be legal "in a tasty way." Caves, with their consistent cool temperatures and humidity, have long been used to age cheeses.

Fred Strunk, the previous owner of the home, was sentenced to 18 years in prison last year on charges of growing marijuana, money laundering and theft.

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yeah but he stole power. don't get me wrong, but oh well. If I have to pay for electricity then he should too. I drank some Hater-Ade today or something :rasta:


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No point in being a stengy bastard when you have that big of an operation. Honestly if I was this guy I would have purchased a power generator and ran it off natural gas or something like that and bought a pool and a pool heater and a spa and all sorts of shit that needs that gas. Like pointed out earlier if you have the money, pay for it dont steal it!


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does anybody have the powerpoint show of this? my computer with it on there crashed. i have seen pictures of this bust I believe and it has some crazy hydralic pump to hold the back of the garage wall up and to pull the trap door in. that would be a great post to add to this forum!


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Thats the one I was thinking. I saw a picture once of a police man standing in that tunnel and the plants were taller than he was. It is amazing what can be done with grow ops.
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