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Pot Heroes only need enter

To the victor go the spoils
This must apply to the Marijuana revolution as well.

No licenses should be awarded to the anti-pot folks that were fighting against this great victory.

Our Pot Heroes who were incarcerated, lost jobs and assets etc etc etc... should get our support $$$ Period.
We are a cohesive group (numbering in the 100's of MILLIONS) and we will just walk away from the oppressors shops and dispensaries.



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I like the thought. It is pretty twisted that some of the same greedy forces behind a lot of suffering, will be the first to try to cash in when it's legal for profit.
Are there any legal systems out there good enough to compensate victims of years of unjust legislation? I doubt if 'civilization' is advanced enough at this point for much more than- sweeping it all under the rug with one hand while reaching for the money with the other.
It seems like in this 'legalization' stage going on right now, it's more important than ever that people speak up. Or the general public will be tossed a few crumbs to make them calm them down and shut up.
'Mandatory minimum sentences of six months incarceration for possession of more than 3 crumbs...' etc etc. We should be proactive.
Huge ToKin stones to indicate Pot Heroes

I am doing some Crowd Funding to create Huge copies of the ToKin Stone.

Only those Shops and Dispensaries that are owned by Marijuana Heroes will be allowed to display them.

A non-profit supporting our Warriors will be set up shortly after.


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So if I've done time that qualifies me?

I think that's kinda well not the best argument. But i couldn't agree more. The ones that paved the Way for me I respect to no end. Jack His son and there third eye shop are great folks. I've been lucky to meet ed and Jorge at cups and conventions and thank them every time. The retail end only has effect on me if they don't purchase so I'm all for said stone but you won't have to make very many.
To the victor go the spoils

I met Jack in 1994 at the Cannabis cup. I didn't know who he was until after.
I probably won't need many copies to start.
There are nearly 100 dispensaries in Vancouver. Those that are Pot Heroes like Willie Nelson, Marc Emery and my old dealers should be the ones to own and run these distribution shops.

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