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Pot Job Restrictions Grow With New Law

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Arizona's new medical marijuana law produced a lot of jokes and eye-rolling but hasn't been a seriously contentious public issue since its passage last fall.

Granted, most folks appear to be taking a wait-and-see attitude on whether marijuana dispensaries are tightly regulated establishments serving a narrow set of medical needs or are instead just a first step toward unregulated use of marijuana.

Those answers won't come for a while. The state doesn't begin to process dispensary applications until next month.

But at least one concern with the law has now been addressed. Gov. Jan Brewer last week signed into law HB2541, which should allow employers in Arizona to breathe slightly easier over the medical marijuana law. HB2541 protects employers from discrimination charges if workers are reassigned or transferred because they are impaired by marijuana.

HB2541 requires that employers follow an approved drug testing policy to be covered. It spells out the steps required for employers to determine whether an employee is impaired by marijuana or other prescription drugs. It also establishes that employers have a right to take a job action against those whose jobs present safety risks if impaired.

The new employer protection addresses one of the most serious concerns about passage of the medical marijuana law, Prop. 203. HB2541 serves the public as well. Who wants to be near heavy equipment when the operator is stoned? What about the delivery drivers on the roads?

Brewer did well by signing this bill.

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