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As a Federal Medical Marijuana License Holder who is also married to one, I would like to comment on Alison Morris' article, Everyone Is At Risk For Drug Abuse in the Dec. 28 issue of The Times Review.

Having dozens of things available to do is not always the cure for boredom. Boredom is not the only reason people take drugs. Some people take drugs for the same reason other people get into extreme sports because they can be a lot of fun. Risk is a big part of that fun.

Videogames and TV and assorted technology is far more stimulating that it was, say 20 years ago. Kids have a higher capacity for boredom because of the hyperactive culture of drugs and thrills and glamor that they are trying to live up to. When so much around you is so exciting, boredom becomes a default position.

Also, junk food will kill many times more Canadians than all illegal drugs combined. three per cent of Alison's classmates might eventually develop a problem with drugs, but 40-50 per cent of them will be dead by age 50 because of obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Yes, the effects of marijuana and cocaine are going to be different, but how do you know your dealer isn't selling you something laced that's going to be a lot more dangerous to you than regular pot? Right there, that is the biggest risk with pot. Or any drug. No quality control!

Listen, teens, take it from a daily user of medical marijuana; pot is safe, but the stuff on the street is potentially very dangerous. Not because of THC potency ( THC is a therapeutic agent, not a toxin ), but because of grow chemicals, bug spray, fungicide, moulde, bug feces, dead bug bodies, and decomposing mycotoxins ( dead fungus ).

Yuck is right.... Keep in mind though, most food that we eat has trace amounts of all of those things, so don't freak out. But until marijuana is properly regulated, it is best to avoid it. Unless, a ) you see the plants being grown before you use the bud, or b ) you grow it yourself to the tightest medical specifics ( see google, "organic cannabis growing" ).

Also, Canadians of all ages need to know that it is our counterproductive prohibition laws which have made these drugs so easily available to kids. Adults have failed to keep drugs away from kids, and kids away from drugs. Smart kids will join Students For Sensible Drug Policy Students for Sensible Drug Policy - DARE to Resist the War on Drugs to help lobby to get dealers out of schools.

Russell Barth

Patients Against Ignorance and Discrimination on Cannabis

Ottawa, Ont.

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