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Pot Pavilion At Denver County Fair Makes History

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Pot culture is creating history in Denver, Colo., where the county fair allowed a marijuana competition to take place for the first time. This past weekend, citizens ages 21-and-over experienced the Pot Pavilion on the third floor of the National Western Complex. Colorado was the first U.S. state to legalize recreational marijuana usage in 2012. No cannabis was used at the fair because there are still laws against public usage, sales and display. Those participating will have another chance to make American history by winning the nation's first blue ribbon for cannabis-related contests or competitions. "It's so awesome to actually see, and be a part of, and to actually witness history. It's really awesome," Marcie Hersh, a Pot Pavilion attendee, told USA Today. The fair featured a variety of competitions, such as the fastest speed roller and bud trimmer. Those who were more creative had the chance to take home a ribbon for cooking the best brownie-infused recipe, designing the best hemp fabric, having the best homemade pipe or bong (which must be both creative and functional), or even bringing the best pin collection to the county fair.

Because there was no actual marijuana featured at the site during the fair, food entered into the contests was submitted a month ago and tasted by judges off-site, reported the AP. A dark chocolate pot brownie with walnuts took home the first prize, according to the AP. The winner brought home $20 and a blue ribbon. "We've been selling tickets to people from all over the world, and we keep hearing they want to come see the pot," Dana Cain, who helped organize Denver County's first fair three years ago, told the Associated Press. She also said she expects this year's event to draw 20,000 people. Although the Pot Pavilion rallied many citizens to attend the annual fair this year, other family-oriented activities not related to marijuana were also featured, including a Dorito eating contest, air hockey competition, art lessons, pony rides and bingo.


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