Pot Pesto


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:60: For those of you who enjoy the flavor of cannabis in cooking may like this simple little pesto I made:
  1. 3-7gms of finely ground bud(doesn't need to be pricey stuff)
  2. 1/2 tbls olive oil per 1gm ground bud/shake
  3. oven safe dish
  4. preheat oven to 320/325 F
  5. Add ground MJ into dish, then pour olive oil over it & make sure the oil completely covers the MJ(I ended adding an extra tsp.) and stir.
  6. Add basil, cilatro, cumin, Italian herbs...esp garlic & a few red pepper flakes into the pesto blend.
  7. Place in oven for @ least 1 hr with a stir once or twice. After 2 hrs. the aroma is that of sauted MJ w/ spices....
  8. Get good french bread or baggette and dip a chunk into that pesto and you are on the way to great conversation & laughing.:smokin:


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Isn't 320/325 a bit high? I would suggest lowering that temp to not destroy the THC and Cannabanoids by to much heat.

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Thats an epic recipe. Thank you.


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I had pesto for the first time ever last night at my gf's parents' house, and it was delicious. I'd love to try some with some bud, for the flavor and the high.


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:allgood: The smell is divine and the taste was amazing... Eating MJ is an acquired taste when smoking & vaping is one's perfered way to enjoy, but eating it and enjoying drinks w/ THC simple syrup can make for a wonderful day and a much more lasting effect.:3:
For those who do enjoy wine w/ bread & pot pesto the effect will most certainly get entertaining. :peace:
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