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Pot Poll - for Forums

(01 )Pot war was won against all odds
(01a)no explain

(02 )Pot contacts are our friends

(03 )We $pent trillions to win
(03a)No explain

(04 )We number in the 100's of millions
(04a)No way less

(05 )To the Victor go the spoils
(05a)anti-pop people should benefit

(06 )Lead or get out of the way
(06a)Forums need the registrations

(07 )Reparations and black list; individuals and organizations who waged this war
(07a)No it is / was against the law.

(08 )Marijuana industry must hire only those testing positive for Pot
(08a)No we shouldn't discriminate

(09 )Mock anti-pot companies
(09a)No they don't want pot heads

(10 )Photo library of narcs, anti-pot and dea folks
(10a)No it was their job

(11 )Build a memorial for War Heroes
(11a)No explain

(12 )List war crimes and abuse stories (missing product and cash at court)
(12a)no the past is the past

(13 )Organize a list of interesting and funny pot tales
(13a)No explain

(14 )Story of Pot from prehistory

(15 )I truly love this plant above all others (coffee coco tomato etc)
(15a)no why explain

(16 )I have been to 2 or more smoke-ins
(16a)No why not

(17 )Confront people who are against pot
(17a)No I'd lose my job or freedom

(18 )Call for release of pot heroes
(18a)No explain

(19 )Political candidates and those with power / influence should take this poll
(19a)No explain

(20 )Call for way more peaceful actions (court appearances etc)
(20a)no why not.

(21 )Toker training: purchasing, smoking, ingesting etc.
(21a)No why not

(22 )Place feminized plants and male plants upwind at hemp fields
(22a)no hemp people are our friends

(23 )Investigate pot war crimes & expenditures
(23a)No explain

(24 )This pot forum ranks High
(24a)No explain why

(25 )Mods do a good job with anti pot liars that pollute the threads
(25a)No it's good to hear how dumb anti pot people are

(26 )List recent media so we can respond
(26a)no explain

(27 )Root out / counter anti pot propaganda / lies in education and media
(27a)No explain

(28 )Forum owners and mods. Take this poll
(28a)No explain registrations and ads will drop

(29 )List of incredible things about our beloved plant
(29a)No explain

(30 )Many people quit pot because they are scared of losing job, asset loss, incarceration & death
(30a)No explain

(31 )All names are fine ganja pot marijuana hemp maryjane cannabis weed etc
(31a)no explain

(32 )Use pot to calm / placate killer bees, rampaging humans and other animals
(32a)No that would be wrong

(33 )I agree with most pot heroes and support them
(33a)No not SpectateSwamp explain

(34 )Pot is a performance enhancer
(34a)No it doesn't

(35 )Pot is a cure / solution for many of the world's ills
(35a)No it isn't proven

(36 )Linking pot to other drugs and crime is pure stupid
(36a)No it is true

(37 )Monitor those that are against our beloved plant and those that love it.

(38 )Forums award badges pot hero, narco boy/girl, brain washed, Pot leader
(38a)No explain

(39 )Train pot dogs to sweep those entering pot war zones

(40 )Grow and distribute extra pot to needy
(40a)No No no explain

(41 )Expand this list and repost elsewhere
(41a)Some items here should be removed (which one)


Member of the Month: Dec 2015
Ok perhaps I am missing something here. I do not understand what the 01 and 01a 02 and 02a 03 and 03a are all about and to be completely honest I am not sure what your asking.

If you do not mind explaining I would be happy to be part of your poll
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