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Pot Seized In Mail


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Investigators have uncovered a large drug operation that spans from Texas to at least two counties in East Tennessee.

The post office tipped off investigators to the large amounts of marijuana being shipped through the mail to Hamblen and Jefferson counties. Deputies have made nearly a dozen arrests in the case.

Most of the pot was mailed to an apartment complex on Laura Drive in Hamblen County. Investigators say the residents living in Apartments 6 and 12 were involved.

The resident in Apartment 6 was intercepting the pot by signing for the deliveries, then getting $500 for handing them over to the residents of Apartment No. 12.

TBI agents say the residents were getting heavy packages in the mail, filled with compressed pot. Each package cost about $68 to mail and contained about 23 lbs. of pot.

In all, authorities confiscated approximately 150 lbs. of marijuana, an ounce of *******, about $24,000 in cash and a shotgun.

In addition to the home on Laura Drive, some of the packages were also shipped to 805 East King Street in Jefferson City.

Hamblen County officials believe at least 400 lbs. of pot was delivered to the apartments in their jurisdiction in just one week.

Based on the packaging and consistency of the pot, TBI agents say the drugs were imported from Mexico.

At least nine agencies were involved in this bust. They include: the Morristown Police Department, the 3rd and 4th Judicial Drug Task Forces, the Hamblen and Jefferson County Sheriff's Departments, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the District Attorney Offices of the 3rd and 4th Judicial Districts.

Investigators say they are still in the beginning stages of their investigation and are working with authorities in Texas to get more information. More arrests could come later.

Hamblen County officials say all the suspects arrested in their jurisdiction are illegal immigrants. Immigration officials are checking the status of the others. All of them face a long list of drug charges.

Source: WATE 6 News (Tenn.)
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