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Pot Shop Drive To Register Voters

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Medical marijuana shops in Lansing began a drive to register voters for this year's elections. One local clinic owner says the drive is a matter of making sure patients continue to get their medication. Shekina Pena opened a medical marijuana clinic in 2009.

Shekina Pena: "The reason why is because I am a patient, I have multiple sclerosis."

Right now Pena and other shop owners say they are doing more than providing customers with cannabis products. They're urging their clients to have their voices heard in upcoming elections.

Shekina Pena: "Bills are being introduced to do away with dispensaries in Michigan. We have a lot of patients who see these multiple dispensaries up and they think they have safe access to the medication, but our services here have to make sure that we're staying here for you."

So the Greater Lansing Medical Marijuana Association has organized a voter registration drive.

Amanda McCreary, Your Healthy Choice Clinic: "Just as patients come in, we ask them if they're registered to vote, if they're not we ask them if they would like to be, we just have them fill out the form and we mail it in for them, it's a secure form."

Pena says the decision to help people register to vote isn't in response to any specific proposals, it's to make sure there are city council members who will support medical marijuana users. Pena says, as long as their clients get out and vote for who they feel are the right candidates, Lansing's medical marijuana shops won't have to worry about a thing.

6 News spoke to a city council member about this voter registration drive. Her response: all groups have the right to encourage people to get out and vote.

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