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Pot Shops Popping Up Around Fresno County


Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
Just weeks after the City of Fresno's last medical marijuana dispensary shut down, new pot shops are popping up around Fresno County like weeds.

CBS47 found three within a quarter mile of each other in the town of Friant and one just steps away from Fresno's Christmas Tree Lane.

Some wonder if the City of Fresno's ordinance is to blame after it forced the shops out of the city.

The Central Valley Collective is one of those new medical marijuana dispensaries and it's located across the street from Fig Garden Village shopping center.

The owners of the medical marijuana dispensary say the City of Fresno pushed them out, so they moved just down the street to a county pocket in Fig Garden.

The owners say their co-op rules prevent them from speaking on camera to the media but one of the co-op members directed CBS47 news to WeedMaps.com. According to the website, there are 27 medical marijuana shops in the Fresno area and a gram of weed can be purchased for $19.50.

In the town of Friant, three pot shops have sprouted up recently. The Hemp Shop has been open less than two months and Evergreen for just a week.

CBS47 spoke with Fresno County Supervisor Henry Perea who says the county is considering implementing regulations that keep these pot shops away from schools, residents, and other highly populated areas -- but for now, stores like the one in Fig Garden are perfectly legal.

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Source: KGPE CBS47
Author: Alexandra Limon
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