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Pot Smokers Protest For Legalization

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Woodstock - Self Proclaimed potheads gathered to light up in peaceful
rally Saturday to legalize marijuana.

"If you don't get out there and push and don't remain activist about this,
nothings going to happen, said Jim Bender, owner of Lady Godiva's on Dundas
Street where the rally was held.

The adult video store also sells marijuana paraphernalia such as pipes and
smoking bottles.

The rally attracted about 200 supporters.

Bender has a petition calling for legalization ready to present to MP John
Finlay (Oxford-Lib).

The rally was organized through word of mouth and the Lady Godiva's web
site, although organizers didn't inform the media.

The police said they knew of the event days in advance and showed up about
30 minutes into the rally.

They stayed only for a few minutes, were offered marijuana to smoke and
left without laying charges.

Acting Sgt. Jeff Horan of oxford Community police Service were calm and
caused no problems.

Until police get clarification from the federal government on the laws
governing marijuana, forces across the country have stated they are not
laying charges for possession under 30 grams.

The ages of those who attended the event ranged from young to old, but one
of the youngest was Courtney Hotchkiss, 14, of Woodstock.

Joining her at the event, both smoking marijuana, was her father, Wayne.

"We don't hide it from her. Why should we?" he said. adding he has smoked
pot with all 3 of his daughters, the oldest being 29. " People should be
more open to their kids, they'd be a lot less trouble.

Pubdate: Mon, 29 Sep 2003
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