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Pot Smoking Granny Busted


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SPOKANE, Wash.-- A Spokane grandmother is facing jail time because police say she is a drug dealer.

66-year-old great grandmother, Christine Baggett, has been using marijuana to ease pain for years. Now she faces time behind bars because authorities say she tried to sell it.

Tuesday afternoon Baggett was fingerprinted at the Spokane County Jail and then released.

Baggett says she has been using marijuana to dull the pain she has suffered after years of arthritis and back problems.

Back in August of 2006 she was purchasing an ounce of pot for two hundred and eighty dollars. Police knocked on her car window asking Baggett and the drug dealer to get out of the vehicle.

The dealer had marijuana in his hand, so police arrested him for possession. Baggett contacted by police later with a summons for court. The summons accused her of selling the drugs.

Baggett says she gave the dealer some back because he took the time to deliver it to her.

Baggett did not have a prescription for marijuana at the time of the bust, but now has authorization from a doctor.

County prosecutor John Grasso told KHQ they based the charges on the facts inside the police report and recommendation.

Monday Baggett pleaded not guilty before a judge. As part of her release condition she is not allowed to use marijuana.

Baggett says she has no plans to stop and expects to be back in court later this month to face a judge for violating the conditions of her release.

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Big dog

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I'd much rather see Paris Hilton be in the pokey than this poor lady. Maybe, if she gets convicted, Paris will do her time for her!

The Mad Toker

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Even if she does get convicted I dont see her getting any jail time unless the judge is a heartless bastard with no soul

The Mad Toker

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Yeah I know a few judges too from when I worked in law enforcement though most judges here would just rather get through as many cases as possible and hand out extremely dumb setences even for serious offences.
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