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Pot Suspect Served Hash Cake For Lunch

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AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - A man being held in a Dutch police cell on suspicion of growing cannabis got an unintended treat in his lunch – a piece of hashish-laced cake, a spokesman said Thursday.

"It was an accident," said Alwin Don, police spokesman in the southern province of Zeeland.

The hash cake had earlier been seized by police in an unrelated investigation and stored in a refrigerator – close to lunch packets served to suspects being held in cells at the police station in Goes, 110 miles south of Amsterdam.

"Clearly it looked a lot like the other lunch packets," Don said of the hash cake, which was served with a cup of coffee on Sunday.

"Officers returned to the cell a half hour later and the suspect told them: 'I think you've given me something you weren't supposed to,'" Don said.

The man had only nibbled at the cake and a doctor who was called to examine him said he suffered no ill effects.

"It was pure coincidence that this man got the cake," Don said of the fact that a suspected drug grower had been given the cake. "What was in the cake had nothing to do with his case."

Source: Associated Press
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That's one crazy coincidence.


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And Justice for All !!
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