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Pot Toking British Columbia Getting Healthier

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What's it like living in pot-friendly British Columbia? Well, aside from
everyone being a lot friendlier and easy going, everyone in the home of "BC
Bud" is getting healthier as well. Just look at the latest stats from
British Columbia's provincial health officer Dr. Perry Kendall:

1. Declining death rate for cancer continues, dropping to 15.7 per 10,000
last year. The rate was 17.08 a decade earlier. This statistic counters the
exploding cancer rates in the US and confirms research showing that cannabis
fights tumors.

2. Lowest number of 15- to 19-year-old smokers at 16.5 per cent, less than
half the percentage of teen smokers (33.6) in Quebec. Latest study shows
more BC kids smoke pot than cigarettes.

3. Increased life expectancy: Men at age 65 can now expect to live to 82.2,
up 4.5 years from 1950; women at age 65 can expect to live to 86.4, up 5.4
years. More confirmation that pot tokers live longer.

4. Lowest percentage of smokers in Canada, at 20.5 per cent, down from 25.8
in 1994-95. More adults in BC smoke pot than cigarettes as well.

5. Fewer preventable hospitalizations, a drop of 22 per cent since 1997-98,
meaning more beds for those in need. Another indication that medical use of
cannabis is helping patients and reducing public health costs.

by Steve Kubby