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potassium for trichomes?

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Some studies have shown that high potassium levels have a negative influence on THC production, which would correlate to the general belief that while hemp crops uptake more potassium than phosphorous, the reverse seems to be true for drug and seed cannabis crops.
I use sea tea in the early stages of my grows. Sea weed has potassium in low quantities and actually serves as a growth tonic in the veg stage. I cease use of sea tea about the 5th week of flowering, for the very reason I mentioned above. Perhaps this is another reason why growers flush their systems a week or two before harvest, to not only remove residual nitrogen, but also residual potassium. I am just a gardener but I hope this helps a little. Good question.

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Lower temps at night certainly does have a favourable effect on trichome production. As for the potassium, a lot of gardeners use banana skins in the compost for their organic medium. Potassium has a very positive effect on bloom size and quality of terpene intensity, and overall flower flowering vigour. The trick is to cease your potassium input the last 2 weeks of flowering, but keep an eye on calcium levels. Thats why I use organic blood a bone, for the calcium.


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Potassium is responsible for many functions in a plants system including disease and heat resistance, controlling root growth, cell wall strength, and the formation of startches. It stands to reason that potassium will aid in abundant trichome production merely because it is improving the plants health and function. THC production and high potassium levels are in no way directly correlated. Simply stated, a healthy plant with potassium to spare will produce better than one that is lacking and in need of it.


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Very interesting indeed.

Doesn't also reducing the temperature at night time towards the end of flowering increase trichomes?

Yeapper, it's a defensive protection from the cold.
But does Higher Trich production mean Higher THC content/%
That would be the question
Are other cannabinoids effected?

We, AnyBody, even decided on a standard method for
determining THC content/%??

From what I have seen with Mago's Blue Grass:
summer and winter harvests are like Night and Day

From what I see on the Street:
Pretty much same thang,
what we see in August ain't nearly as good
as what we get in November -December into Febuary.

Maybe someday this poor ol' HillBilly Farmer
can afford full monitoring, Envo-controls and 24 hr logging in a Lovely High-Tech Weed lab and GreenHouses but until then,
Just my opinion and analysis of my observations :3:
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