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PotChimp's Pineapple Express Soilless Grow


Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017
Thanks. Thanks for the help and suggestions too. I wish the orange hairs showed better in the pictures. When I trim them I'll take a pic under different lighting and maybe they will look better. The doob sized nugs I nipped off and set on a light ballast might be dry today, but my smoke reports are just as crappy as my strain descriptions. They smell a little less like urinal cakes now and more like a musky box of Apple Jacks..... :tokin:


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Hey chimp...sup my man.....those buds look great... need any help chopping?.. Ha very nice buddy.....I likey.....:peace:


Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017
Here's an after harvest hang up pic (I rotated the pic upside down after hanging). The pic doesn't do the buds justice; there are popcorn buds not worth looking at I left out and it's hard to see the buds in back (each stem you see is about 12"-14" and there are ten of them). I'll do another pic at final cure, if there's any left..... :)

A few close-ups.

Yep, I nabbed quite a few lil' nugs to dry for a blunt, smoked it, and it's decent pot. After a good cure the top colas should have a good buzz to them. I should have enough weed to last a few weeks here. I don't have a good scale but I'm guessing the dry weight will be about 3 or 4 ounces including the popcorn buds.


Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017
Here's a journal closing pic of what's left.....

I'll trim these and put them in a jar for cure (not that they'll get to the end of that; I'll have them smoked up in a week or two). In summary, it's been a really good strain for me. Very mistake, heat, and nutrient tolerant; seems like it would clone easily, and yields well. Relatively short flowering time; nice smell and decent taste. This is #1 on my "recoup some of my losses" list so far. My "tripweed" and "crashweed" lists don't have a #1 yet, but I'm leaning towards Lowryder #1 to top my "go to" list.
Well, that wraps this grow up. One more for the Completed Journals! Thanks everybody and burn one for me!


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Thanks for sharing your grow with us!

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