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I forgot to take a pic of the fourth and last one, but here's three of the chop day X-Mas Bud plants:

Nice and dense :)
If I had it to do over (I may, depending on the buzz), I'd defoliate them a lot during bloom. They grow dense, so I'd avoid doing them this time of year again. I got lucky that I didn't get grey mold this time. They don't stretch much either, so I'd grow them a lot longer also.
I've noticed the same thing, Brother. The nodes are stacked right on top of each other and it tends to take forever to veg and still grow very short.

I'm thinking, in addition to defoliation, it may not be a bad idea to remove every other node, but I'll see how mine look once I get them into some big containers. Right now, all my XB's are bonsais in 2" or 4" containers, and I have two being flowered out now (really, after being sexed to get samples) in 4" containers in my small breeding cabinet that look like this:

Yours look great, though! :welldone:

Shaped just like Christmas trees and nice & frosty! How do they smell? :yummy:


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Thanks. The smell is moderate as far as intensity at this point, but it's between pine and x-mas tree. I smelled a hint of lime when I was breaking apart a bud from some of the dry stuff yesterday. I want to smoke some of those buds that aren't dry yet before I make a call on the buzz, though.
I had to buy me some organic potting soil to plant these six R4 seedlings, but they're all in with the Nevil's Haze plant now. I'll get some pics up soon, unless the lens of my camera gets wet when these seedlings blow all the other CBD strains out of the water..... :17:


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It’s going to have to be in the lap, cause with that 79% CBD power you’ll be in such little pain you won’t even be able to lift your arms or remember why you put those plants in the water to begin with.


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central business designer plants.. get blown out the water at the central business district.. is there a lake or on river banks where one can collect these plants that get blown out.. maybe use for compost.. maybe test and find one that blows other central business designer plants out of the water.. what a mess..


Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017
Both growing side by side, I looked at the wide leaves on this Juanita La Lagrimosa and put it in veg but left the DrG under no mercy. Now I wish I wouldn't have because it's starting to go Haze on me :(
Maybe if I tie this lard block to the main cola it'll stay low:

The main cola on this Chemdawg D BX3 plant is about a good lardslength :thumb:

No Kilojoules for you colas!



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Looks like the stuff my Mother used to call "fat back". :)


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King Tim


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I got Chocolate Thai seeds and they sell Cannalope Haze, but getting the same thing's probably close to impossible. I wonder how they lost the parent stock. :hmmmm:
I call that rectangular slab "renderins". I should cook it to see how much..... oops, how LITTLE meat there is. :cough:
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