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Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017
I swear this Mendocino Purple Kush plant is glistening o_O

I need to chop it because these two are coming up soon (Apollo 13 f2). They're four foot tall and in two gallon pots so they're both yellowing up:

This one the autofocus focused on the back of the tent; it always does when I take a pic from far away and the plant is close to the walls:

Here's another Apollo 13 f2 I put into a three gallon pot. That's about four of them in a row I put in two gallon pots that yellowed up too soon and didn't yield as well, so I decided to pay attention this time:

I'll just go ahead and reveg this Chocolope:

It's about like a MickRibb sandwich at mikkee deez; nothing spectacular but it'll make a turd..... :17:


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Gorgeous plants potchimp! Always a pleasure stopping by. Being in the US might give me access to some great genetics but actually hunting thru them is another thing. U definitely grow some top shelf cannabis the pictures speak for themselves. Can't wait for Potchimp Genetics I can already see the epic labelling lol.



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looking good over here Chimp...
Pretty ass plants..

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Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017
Those big Js might be funny to look at, but they're hard to smoke. :cough:
This next Nevil's Haze is about 4 or 5 inches above the reflector. It has leaf curl where it isn't getting good light; maybe it'll stop growing upwards:

Ghost Train Haze #1, one week into bloom:

Other GTH#1 pheno, five weeks and four days into bloom:

Apollo 13 f2:



Grow Journal of the Month: May 2017
I'm going to start putting these Apollo 13 f2s in when they're short, too. There's three clones in here I'll be starting in a few weeks:

One of these X18 Pure Pakistani seeds is being stubborn, but the other one, the Pineapple Express, and the OG Kush Ghost cut are up (no flash, macro setting, and cropping the pic doesn't work very well for close-ups either):



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