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Potential Yield for Deep Water Culture setup?

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Hello 420 Mag users,

I am a beginner when it comes to growing so I lack experience and a lot of knowledge that many of you experienced growers have. Could you give me your input? Let me know if I am lacking info in this post and I will further revise this.

I have not yet constructed my grow room or setup yet, but I have somewhat of a plan for my setup.

I have a large space devoted for my grow room (off the top of my head numbers) maybe 4x8. I'm leaning towards using 2 homemade large Deep Water Culture setups and have six plants in each setup (so 12 total plants)

Seeds will be AK48 and BlackJack and I am planning to vegetate for 5 weeks.

Lights I'm planning to use Compact florescent Lights ( two 40W bulbs for each plant and maybe add another once it gets bigger to fill shadows). Daylight' (6500k) colored bulbs for the vegetative stage and 'soft white' (2500k) colored bulbs for flowering. PLEASE Let me know if you think I should change something here.

Any ballpark yield? Let me know what you guys think?

One more thing-- I'm concerned about the potent smell. I love the smell of chronic but I need it to stay in that room. I'm buying a carbon filter. Should i buy two? What else can I do about the smell?

Thanks ahead of time for the input!
buy a nice size filter fo twelve plants like a 650+inline or squirel cage fan and apropriate filter to go with it.
Hydro ISNOT FORGIVING and for a newbie I can tell you from experience hydro is the way to go at first
learn how the plants act in soil then move to hydro, you can grow for three months in hydro and in 1 or 2 days belive it or not can go bad and loose your entire crop due to novice status.

due a Sog or scrog if you want a different grow with intresting results.
also CFL's are gonna be hard to get a nice big yeild with go on craigslist and find som fans and a couple 1000w HIDS dont F with the lights the are the most important next to medium and nutes.
but your yeild would be around 12-6 ozs with CFL's and around 30 oz if done right with hid and bubble/fogponics
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Hydro ISNOT FORGIVING and for a newbie I can tell you from experience hydro is the way to go at first
learn how the plants act in soil then move to hydro,
I really appreciate the advice bro! By the way did u mean soil is the way to go? Do you find that newbies get more yield by going with soil? I would love to do Deep Water Culture but I also want complete success at my first try. What would be little differences between soil and Deep Water Culture? Right now I am only familiar with CFLS, HPS/MH, and LED lights. Have you had good experiences with HID lights?

Thanks bro
little differences between soil and Deep Water Culture? lol...
Huge differences between them night and day if you ask anyone.like I said before hydro is NOT THE WAY TO GO FOR YOU RIGHT NOW. Soil is great you can totally F your plants like , feed them no water for 2 weeks and thgey can and most likely will come back hydro can have total lock out in a day or two. Soil is messy when flushing or if you have salt build up/nute lock out etc. soil you can get nasty fungus gnats and white flies easy but they are not to bad just can kill your yield if you are not carefull and take action.

I have only used HID and would ONLY REComend HID nothing else has the consitant results. hope this helps
soil basically has a built in noob buffer that hydro (other than hempy) does not.
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Definitely helps. I can't believe I asked "little differences" lol. I was looking at the forums and I see what you guys are saying.
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Another quick question-- I've been told that with high yield strains like ak48 that 5oz per plant are normal yields but after looking at journals and forums on here I have a hard time believing that. Any input?
I got some input for you buddy...

I wouldn't believe that 5oz estimate either. The ak strains in particular. The AK strains are indica/ruderallis strains. They grow very low, as you may already know, and therefore lack the overall plant size needed to reach 4oz or more in good conditions.

Also, note that many AK strains are auto flowering, meaning they will begin flowering on their own when ready (watch for very long pistol hairs all up and down the plant when it's still in veg. This means that it CAN be flowered, and will begin on it's own in approx a week from then even if it's not been put into flower)

It took a while for me to reach 4oz per indica plant. I'm not averaging 6-8oz max. Your stain should produce half, to 3/4 max of that.

I see that you are using florescents. You can count on the yield being 1/4 the wieght of what an HPS would have produced for you under the same conditions. (perhaps a yield of 1oz/plant)

I never got above 2 0z per plant under florescents-same strain-got 6oz under HPS
As far as yield to many variables but as far as newbie and Hydro I dont agree. I hear quite a bit " learn to grow soil first", I know quite a few growers who never touched soil including myself. I picked up a few hydro books read them then camped on this site for hours on end soaking up as much info as possible.

Your going to make some mistakes but as long as you pay attention you should be fine. Sure Hydro can go bad quick on a mistake but it also can be easily caught & flushed quickly.

Any who good luck and if your not sure about something just post your question and you'll be quickly helped.

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Thanks so much for the advice. I am convinced and I will DEFINITELY HPS lights. Have you all seen the "I Grow Chronic" instructional vid?

I would like to build a room the same design, but as far as the method he used, he definitely knows what he is doing, but only got approx 1 oz per plant. He has a consistent setup so he gets at least QP every 2 months but I would like more yield than 1 oz per plant. The video was produced in 1999 so I'm guessing there is more knowledge now.

If I had the same setup, what do you guys think would be the most efficient and high yield producing method?

here is the video by the way

YouTube - Step By Step Hydroponic Marijuana Grow Room Set Up for Beginners - I Grow Chronic Part 2 of 9
you got to think it took him a WHile at least 3-6 months before he got moving growing out the fems for bud. clones and mothers are great for the GR but it will take some time to grow them out and then bud them.
I think everyone has seen Mr.Green lol but there are some things That I would do differently you can tell he is very serioius about his process it works for him

Also think about the meters you need ph and PPM/EC, temp,CO2 reg and meter think off all the airstones, airpump, watercoolers,hydroton, buckets and air hose water hose resivoirs, if I ever went back to Hydro I would only do guppieponics/frogponics it sound so cool and no nutes no BS ph just Add water,air stones, fish, plants.
Hope this helps
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I see what you're saying Sprouts. My partner is sold on hydroponics so I'm willing to give it a go. His process does seem to be very solid but you are right there are so many little things going on to keep track of. I'm gona have to take a look at guppieponics/frogponics. Your input is very valuable thanks!
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It just makes me wonder how such a solid setup Mr. Green had was yielding approx 1 oz per plant not more (not that 1 oz per plant is bad lol).
his setup and process is to the tee belive it after your mothers are going you can let the flower garden grow crazy I would say if you are going to do hydro the 12 bucket system would be perfect for you and that come with a price tag a guy in my area has a sh!tload of buckets for sale 6o i think for one of these systems so look on craisglist and see what you can get everything else can be bought 55 gallon resivor I would say at least 2 1000w hids on movers or thre if you do 3 rows of 4. also think 55galon of nutes in the res and replacing at the very least once every 10 day s but more likely every week that is alot of water and nutes just the RO water is gonna cost the systems run about 3-5 for a good one(just fior the RO water) you will be spendinga full day a week amking nutes and cleaning line and res. and spending close to if not much more higher a 100 a week on nutes and say you veg for 4 wek (nice big veg fat yeild) 3 1000w @18 hours a day that s baout 6.50 a day in power just from light making it very close to 200 a month in power in you rlight not including itmmers water pumps etc etc...
guessing 250 power a month with hydro.
I would say if you buddy is paying forr the equipment and your the host thats cool but if you are going in havlezies dont do what you do want to soil is enough to handle you first grow thing running smoothly is a dream for any grower..

hydro requires so much attn; its crazy I would love to do hydro again but the work and the money also think to if you have moiney to spend / the more money you spend in hydro the easier it becomes air conditioning plumbing sweet electronics timmer regulator. anyways going on and on
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Hmmm...you are hitting some good points there Sprout. I'm gonna look into this 12 bucket system here. Thanks a lot for the advice! I'll definitely let you know what's going on once I get up and running.
It just makes me wonder how such a solid setup Mr. Green had was yielding approx 1 oz per plant not more (not that 1 oz per plant is bad lol).
because three main things will accumulate or act as a catalyst in prodocing mass, light, root size, and co2/nutrient
mr green had very very small root proportions, if you want huge plants huge mass, go with huge root systems, which is why ive chosen dwc. oh yeah i've never grown before