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Potting up in coco - What's the point?


Hello fellow growers,

I have finished my first grow just a few months back. Thanks to this forum it was a huge success for a newbie like me! I have pulled 230g dry bud off of just one Skunk #1 Auto plant! I wasn't expecting that at all. I grew it in coco. Following advice on this forum I didn't want to disturb an auto plant by repotting from smaller pots to bigger ones - I have germinated in a root plug and it went straight to the final pot, which was a 11 L fabric pot. I did disturb it tho by topping it once and some LSTing but it didn't skip a bit.

Now I'm preparing to run my second grow - this time two photoperiod girls - NL5xHaze and White Widow. I will be using coco again (+ ca. 30% perlite and a layer of hydroton on top and bottom) in smart pots (perhaps going to 25 liters).

From my very limited knowledge I gather that repotting to consecutively bigger pots is done to prevent overwatering the plants. In too big a pot it would take forever for the SOIL to dry depriving the roots of oxygen. But how about coco? That is a hydroponic medium, right? Should stay wet all the time, right? It’s the water that pulls in the oxygen to the roots, right? Well then - why even bother using smaller pots? Saving water and nutrients perhaps, but my "operation" is just two plants - I don't care about water costs or even nutrients for that matter. Do I still need to repot?



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> But how about coco?
Great stuff!

> That is a hydroponic medium, right?
I'd say "semihydroponic," or "hydroponic in a fiber matrix with more air."

> Should stay wet all the time, right?
Yeah, it's not like soil at all. Coco coir with 20% or 30% perlite is awesome stuff that you can't overwater so you can and should keep it wet all the time so you can keep giving fresh nutes (the hydroponic part) without drowning the roots.

> It’s the water that pulls in the oxygen to the roots, right?
The roots need both.

> why even bother using smaller pots?
You don't need to. If you look at the dwarf coco grow in my sig file, you can see that it went from Solo cup to two-gallon pot and could easily have skipped the Solo cup. (I gave fresh nutrient solution every morning, but people set up pumps that give nutes as often as hourly.)

Drain-to-waste coco growing is awesome. None of the pH chasing of hydro and your plant keeps getting fresh nutes at just the right concentration all the time.


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There was a guy here who grew a surprisingly big plant in a very small container using coco coir and an automated watering system. I think a bigger pot will always work better (I always think of a Jorge Cervantes video I saw of him touring an outdoor grow in 300-or-so gallon pots) , but it seems like carefully tended coco can give very good results even with smaller containers.
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