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Powdery mildew


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I have a dilemna. With about half the crop affected by powdery mildew, I am faced with two challenges: #1 Is there any way to safely use bud suspected of having mildew? I am considering making hash using isopropyl alcohol OR making a tincture out of it. Does alcohol kill the spores? Challenge #2 I now have seedlings infected. I have sprayed twice with the new PM Wash by NPK. It seems to work, at least so far. But with seedlings designed for the next grow infected, am I kidding myself that I can expect to bring a crop that is infected so early in and have it be good, usable bud?
I MAY have to just throw everything away and start over, but there are sizable resources in the clones, dirt, etc.
Thank all for any advice you may have to offer. I'm pretty much a newby to growing inside.
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