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Powdery mold and spider mites

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I seem to have a major problem balancing my room to prevent both powdery mold and spider mites.
If I keep the humdity percentage at 55 - 60% to prevent the powdery mildew, then I get a major attack of spider mites, and then if I up it, of course then powdery mold every where. I keep a fan blowing all the time and no matter what I do, I have issues. My husband and I have totally redone room, new floor, new wall, fresh paint, and new ventilation system.
Please, enlighten me with your knowledge!!!!!!!!:thanks:Christine6569


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Hey Christine and welcome to :420: :circle-of-love:

I would try to find strains that are more resistant, some sites detail that in the description. Seems like you have a tough choice. Since your room is newly redone, that should in theory stop any mites that lived there before. You need to keep being on your game and check for other possible infestation reasons like pets, or outdoor clothes and shoes, or moving your plants outside and in too much. As for the mildew, I am not very experienced with this issue, seen it before, ironically the plants that had mildew also had mites, just coincidence I think. I recognized the pm too late and it got spread around. I had to scrap those plants. The strain was very weak as well, couldn't take much of a beating. If you keep your humidity in range the pm should not return. Just make sure you clean your space constantly, no leaves left around, always sterilize the pots before planting and take action as soon as you see any mite signs.