Power Outage

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So yesterday evening not more than 5 minutes after my lights were set to go off, a storm knocked the power out. Well since I am doing DWC I had no air bubbles. I went to go online to look up what to do in this situation but my phone died once google loaded so.... damn.

It was out for about 3 hours so I took the plants out of the buckets and put them in a dry bucket for about 20 - 30 minutes then dipped them back in the water for a few then back in the dry buckets. They seem to be doing ok this morning.

So my question to you guys is whats a safe amount of time can roots be in water without bubbles? Anyone ever setup a battery backup for your air pumps?
An associate of mine had the same issue recently and he had gone 12hrs without power before the generator was turned on. Only ran the generator for 4hrs a day there after over the course of 3 days with no issues.
No lighting for 3 days. The equipment that was powered: chiller, dehumidifier, air and water pumps. The temps were mid to high 80's during the day and low 80's at night.


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We had a 19.5 hour outage recently and my 4 plants were just fine.