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that is the question to resolve: more or fewer nutrients needed, cheers ...
<SCRATCHES HEAD> I thought I answered that (as did Rifleman, the guy who posted the chart, others...). Your plant is using proportionally more water than nutrients at the concentration you're mixing.

Thanks TorturedSoul, that's obvious, but as it is not hot right now, I don't know if it is consuming more water because the nutrient solution is poor, she needs to drink more to have the correct dose and I need to put more nuts or, for the contrary, maintaining a low nutrient solution makes the plant drink more, so it is hydrated and with more appetite,
You appear to be over(?)-thinking it. Mix your nutrients at a slightly weaker concentration and see what happens.


Thanks TorturedSoul, maybe you're right and I am over-thinking it. It is just that my plant is in the fifth week of flower stage, my goal was 800 ppm for this moment and this issue was given with less ppm in the solution, so lowering them more didn't sound logical to me.

I will do so, didn't want to argue with what was said, I appreciate good advice, it is just that I want to understand what I am doing and the reason to do it, so I can apply it from now on in my next grow, cheers ...
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