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Pre-employment Hair Follicle Drug Test: Help


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If this isn't the right place to pay this please direct me to where I should post this please...

So I have to take a pre-employment hair follicle test. I stopped smoking about 1 month ago... I'm female, with hair down to my back, over weight (220lbs, 5'8"), I do drink water daily, and a daily smoker of dank for years. I know even though I stopped smoking for about a month it's still in my system... What is the best shampoo to get and will it work? I've read online that I can do vinegar soaks and bleachings and recolor my hair and then use the shampoo. What is everyones experience with shampoos? This job will change my daughter and my life so I am desperately needing to pass this test. Please advise me on what to do (step by step) and what to buy...I don't know anyone that has used the shampoo personally so I need to find out what others used to pass a hair follicle test.


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There are just a few ways to pass a hair drug test now a days. Of course they all come with risk.

You can remove all hair from your body. They can use hair from anywhere on you so you would have to completely remove all your hair, by shaving it off or waxing it.

You can take your chance with at home remedies, but the results are not always promised to end well.

Shampoo would probably be your best bet. Remove all hair from you body except for the hair you want them to test and use the shampoo specifically on your remaining hair. Most people leave their head and eyebrow hair.

There are many shampoos online and many are great, we recommend of course to do your research on them but the one we recommend is Folli Clean.

Best of luck to you and your daughter.


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So I am hoping I may get some answers from this group. If this is not the proper place to ask please let me know. So I am White, 175 pound male, 5 foot 9. I am bald with a goatee. I walk roughly 8 miles a day. I used to be a once a day toker during the evening. I used a one hitter and smoked maybe 2 or 3 a night a little more on the weekends. I did this for almost 5 years. I quit on July 16th 2018. Around the middle of November I will have a hair follicle test. I have a urine test on Monday, but I went to a lab and for $75.00 I took a urine test (decided the home tests were unreliable and this lab does DOT drug tests). I passed so I am not worried about Monday. If I stay clean from here on out will I pass my Hair Follicle test? I plan on around the end of October to spend the $90.00 and get the the Psychemedics test. You can actually pay for this test on your own and get results back 3 to 5 days later after they receive it. I also started to let my hair grow back out. I shaved once every other day, but I am pretty sure with the time I have I will at least be able to grow my side hair long enough (no I have little to know hair on top, and I have been shaving my head for the past 8 years, I used to have just the ring of hair around the sides and back). So any thoughts if I should be in the clear. I have to admit I am losing sleep stressing about this. Thanks in advance.


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Dye your hair using a 30-40vol cream developer. Then wash it out after the 60 mins are up. After your hair dries then bleach it again using a box of L'Oréal blonde (2 boxes for a woman). Leave in for 45 min before you wash it out. BTW this step will burn like hell due to you just bleaching within an hour ago, but hang in there, a pass on your follicle test will be worth it. You can just have a fan blowing on your head and you'll be fine. Let your scalp rest and go to bed a blonde. The next day you should due it back to your original hair color. Leave it in for 45-60 mins and wash it out and use the color conditioner that comes in the box. This is a 100% fail proof system that I've discovered on my own and I have never failed doing this.i have however failed using toxin rid, zydot so please don't trust a shampoo. Dying it 3 times is the only way to go ladies and gents. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask...
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