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Pre-Employment Test in 6 Days! Advice for a Newb


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First Post. I was informed yesterday that before I start a new job that I need to have a drug test, which I believe is a urine test based on the paperwork I received. I believe I can have the test done on Thursday 2/20 so the results will be done before I start but that's the last day I could do it since they have to send to a lab for results.

I've read probably 50 different scenarios on forums today and yesterday and of course some put my mind to ease and some are still concerning!!! So I figured I'd post my situation and ask for your help!

I'm not a regular smoker at all, I probably went 8-9 months before I smoked in early December maybe a day or two with at most splitting a bowl with someone else. I did also smoke on 1/19/2014 maybe 3 hits out of a bowl at the most, and if that was it I would feel completely at ease. The part that makes me nervous is last Saturday 2/8, I got wassstteeddddd and took legitimately 1 hit off a blunt that was going around the room, 1 and done I know that for a fact.

Since doing my research yesterday I chugged probably 2 gallons of water and a 32 oz of cranberry juice, and will do this until the day before the test. Also I'm going to go to the gym twice today along with go in the sauna, until about 36 hours before my test which would be Tuesday night so 5 days of this. When the 36 hour mark comes I plan to lay on the couch and eat as much shitty food as I can throughout the day to stop the metabolites (sp) as much as I can from going into my system. Then the day of the test drink a decent amount of water in the morning, piss 2-3 times before, then if I can use midstream urine during the test.

Is this a sufficient plan? I've read about people using createne or niacin but didn't know if I should start taking any of that today 2/14/14, or if you think I would be ok with the drinking and working out/sauna time. I'm going to buy a take home test or two today from CVS but since this is a new situation for myself, I'd appreciate any advice!!

Also I'm 26 M, 6'2" 190 lbs with about 17% BF. Thanks in advanced!!


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Re: Pre-Employment Test in 6 Days!! Advice for a Newb

Sounds like your plan should work. The dilution the morning of the test should work.


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any updates???
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