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Preacher Faces Prison For Marijuana Ritual


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A self-described Reagan Republican from Los Angeles who has founded a religion that makes marijuana a part of its ritual must defend his beliefs in court.

"I'm a Jewish kid from Beverly Hills who went to UCLA," Craig Rubin told the Los Angeles Daily News. "I could have been a lawyer making $250 an hour like the rest of my friends, or a TV producer. Instead, I'm teaching the Bible, selling weed on Hollywood Boulevard, facing seven years in jail -- of course I'm crazy."

Prosecutors charge that Rubin's Temple 420 is simply a front for a marijuana-distribution operation.

Rubin, who describes himself as a Republican admirer of President Ronald Reagan and preaches in front of a U.S. flag, says his beliefs are sincere. He has Friday night services where smoking marijuana is part of the ritual and preaches twice more on the weekends, using texts from Old Testament on Saturday and the New Testament on Sunday, the newspaper said.

While he has been a marijuana enthusiast since his college days, Rubin told the Daily News that he became convinced it is the "tree of life" during a family crisis three years ago.

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this sucks, because this is not a seperation of church and state. last week my boss and i were driving and he was telling me how churches shouldn't allow states to put signs on their property. i hope as people start to see that the government is not going to give religions the rights they deserve that the religious people will start a movement called 'churches against state'. if the state wants to fuck the church, why doesn't the church (being more powerful) flip the state over and fuck em in the ass... The problem with the US is that everybody wants a change, but the people who are willing to stand on the front line are the people without money. The people with money live in nice neighborhoods that secludes them from the outside world and they are able to believe that nothing bad is going on in the US. These people then go vote for candidates that infringe on your rights to be able to have more control over the average american and soon enough we will either be forced to have a dictator or a civil war. Abraham Lincoln would be for the civil war. That is why he wanted the right to bear arms.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." (Second Amendment to the Constitution.)

I am freaking worried that when this day happens that we will not have a gun that will compare wtih the guns that the government is in control of currently. We need to stand up for all our rights. Are democrats are slowing moving right towards our conservatives and the conservatives are only starting to move further right. We need people that consider themselves libertarians to actually get a true democratic government. It will never happen, but we need some foreign fuckers to help shift the government to the left...eeekk!
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