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Preflower Question?


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When your plant Male or female start to show thier preflowers will they all start out looking the same as the little sacs or will the females preflowers start off with the 2 little hairs or will they develope within a few days?



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Re: Preflower Question????

They should look something like this. This is a pre flower on my Chem 4's. Hope this helps:rasta::rasta:

Notice the white pistils shooting out


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Re: Preflower Question??

My plants have been under 12:12 for only 2 days know and i know for Soud D the flowering time ia abotu 10 weeks so how far into those 10 weeks will i have to get before i can tell 100% what there sex is? pics will be up in about 15 mins still trying to get good enough shots to get some clear advice
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