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Preflower question


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Hey 420 fam.

Have a preflower question. I have done some reading and did a little video research. From what I've seen and read, it's kind of half an half. Some say you should wait till you see preflowers in veg, than flip it to the 12/12 cycle, and some seemails to flip to 12/12 before you can see the preflower. I've read that flipping before you see the preflower can stress and cause it to hermie. Is that true? Do you really have to see the preflowers before flipping or is that just a myth?

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I wouldn't think a plant would flower on 18/6 light cycle unless it's an auto flower. I've only had plants flower after putting on 12/12. Good question though. Can't wait to see the responses.

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Some plants will show pre flower just with age. I have a blue cheese mother that started under HPS that room was goimg bloom so under LED and CFL and i.ssaw pre flower within 2 weeks. I am sending her imto flower bc she is stinking up my veg tent

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Preflowers aren't considered flowering- it's an indication of the plant's sex and it's maturity.
No it definitely won't stress the plant in any way to put it in 12/12 before you see preflowers.
A cannabis plant does have to reach maturity before being capable of flowering. That takes around a month very roughly. Often that maturity is indicated by it showing sex/preflowers - a few pistils or male pollen sacs. Some strains can go a couple months or more without showing sex though. I think when I do a lot of topping and training it slows them down and they show later.

When you put the plant into 12/12 lighting it will show preflowers soon after, if its old enough, and begin the change to flowering. If it's not old enough when you put it into 12/12, it will keep growing for a while before it shows sex and begins flowering.
You can grow a plant under 12/12 lighting from seed if you want. It will start flowering after a month, give or take.

New growers often worry a lot about 'stress' and hermies. It's really not much of a concern in my opinion. They're weeds and grow like weeds. They're not delicate and don't have sensitive nervous systems. Not that we can't screw them up badly. It's just that I don't believe they get 'stressed' without very good reason. They slow down a bit when you torture them- but it's not like they're going to have a nervous breakdown. They'll just keep growing as best they can.


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I think the pre flower was due to light stress to go 1000 watt hps to 300 watt led and cfl is a huge difference so that is why i think she pre flowered
But i have grown a lot of clones from her and she has done her job now her turn to make some nice flowers

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