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Pregnant and hope I pass


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:surrender:I'm posting to this forum because I did smoke some during my pregnancy. I'm due Jan 28th and smoked a few hits from a joint the first week of jan and took two good inhales of a bowl may be two weeks ago. I weight 241 stand 5'8". I didn't smoke everyday before Jan. Just a little sometimes may be twice a week a joint with friends. I have been drinking water and taking Azo's (cranberry pills). Well, I got into a arguement with a so called friend and they said they were going to call DHS and tell them I have been smoking my whole pregnancy. I did research on if smoking would harm my child and from what I found out baby will be fine. In Oklahoma will they test me and the baby for THC at the hospital just on GP. Should I be clean by the time baby is due.
I'm so scared to loss the one thing so improtant to me in my life when I have decided to stop smoking until after breatfeeding.
:adore: God help me.
Someone give me some good advice.:helpsmilie:


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Stop smoking...

Tbh if my baby's mom smoked or drank while she was pregnant, I'd break up with her and fight for custody... If you arnt mature enough to have a child you shouldn't IMO.

If the baby is tested positive for THC, My best guess would be that it got high.
There's study's of weed bringing out mental illness in teens developing brains, who knows what it could do to a baby's.

I personally dont think people should be exposed to weed till there 18-21

I'd say your "so called friend" is ur real friend n ur friends who smoke up with you are not good friends at all. I'm sure you smoked more then your willing to admit aswell cause that's just human nature.

I'd definitely stick to ur plan n stop smokin till ur done breast feeding
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