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Premature Yellowing Leaves?


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My wife and I are medical. Actually this is the wife typing.... :)This is our second year growing outdoors in Maine. It went pretty good last year with the exception of a little mold on one plant. This year we are having some issues with leaves turning yellow and falling off. I am thinking it is nitrogen deficiency. I am using Fox Farm products when I can, but it has been raining a lot so watering has not been needed as often. It has been varying temps. and humidity all summer....from one extreme to the other.
We don't have a good way to water so we are bailing water into the pots and sometimes the roots are showing. We used to water with the hose, but that water is so cold I was afraid it was shocking them.

Can anyone help us out by looking at the pictures and let us know what we are doing wrong.
We really can't lose our medicine and any help would be appreciated,



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Re: Premature Yellowing Leaves ??

you could simply add 1 cup of human piss per 4 gallons of water. (Try not to drink alcohol while making the piss.)
When you water, fill a 5 gallon bucket up and pour int he piss and bahm, you are good to go.
Don't piss directly on them but dilute it as per instructions above.

Its N def. This is what N def looks like. Yellowing.

You could also get gh micro chemical liquid fert and add 1 tsp per two gallons of water.

or you can let it go
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