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Preparing to hunt for clones...


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So im getting ready to go hunt for clones and im located near the bay, ill be looking for clones there so i was wondering if anyone had good recommendations for where i should look, but i wasnt sure if you guys had a reference, possibly with pictures, so i can see how healthy clones look. I just want to know that im getting quality stuff you know? and i want to be able to spot a dud so to speak lol.

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You are welcome sir.
I've been to some okay clubs here in Sac, but the clone situation here isn't that great.
The only bright spot is that one of the clubs here sells the Oaksterdam clones, so I don't have to drive 3 hours round trip to fill my garden.
Once I get my seedlings going and sexed (Jack Herer & Purps) I won't have to worry
about buying clones again :)
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