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Preparing trim


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I plan on using all of the trim to make concentrate down the road.
Does this trim have to be thoroughly dried out or can it be bagged wet?
I plan on filling up freezer bags and throwing it in the freezer till I am ready for it
Any info appreciated, thx guys


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I'm not much of a shatter maker myself but would guess that you'd want to dry it before making the shatter to remove the water- seems like that would make the process work better. But someone else here will know for sure.
But regardless- you can dry it later when you get around to it. Frozen wet trim dries a little differently than fresh trim, but still is no problem.


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I haven't made shatter but I do make oil using everclear. In my experience I dry it - Actually just throw it in a paper bag and turn it every couple days. Prior to processing I decarb at 240 for 40-50 minutes and then process it.
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