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Presents for Myself


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After all the crap I've waded through this year it was time to get some things that I have wanted for a while. In addition to the great space case grinder, I received a complete R.Crumb comics #5 &#8. Complete G Sheldon(Fuzzy, Furry Freak Bros) is on back order. DVD of Chas Bukowski. Fine chef's knives by Shun, which will go to my kid when she is old enough. And to stoke the vaporizer with an old friend dropped of 2 oz of very fine bud that is almost pure pollen and very sativa type, which I have trouble finding here abouts.
Every year it seems to get harder for old geezers to score.
Lets keep the spirit of rebellion alive and my best wishes to all for Saturnalia.

The Old Man's Prayer
Turn back, turn back
O time in thy flight.
Make me a child again,
Just for tonight!
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