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Preserving clones?


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im really high now and as my 2 current grows are almost to a end ,and my next grow is begging which is dinafem powerkush . i know these plants get very bushy

and i was thinking on germinating my dinafem blue widow also

im not going to have lots of space i was thinking how can i preserve a couple clones ?:)

i was thinking dipping the clone in water completely? like in the alien movies ;)

thanks was just thinking :adore:


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I have successfully stored clones in a ziplock bag in the fridge for 3 weeks. I've been told that this method is good for 6 weeks. :)


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not the freezer it will rupture the cell walls. Why not just grow out your Blue Widow mom and just keep her trimmed and bonsai'd up until 3-4 weeks before you need to take clones. I keep my moms for a long time and just keep trimming them up to keep them from getting too bushy, I throw away enough trimmed branches to make 50 clones a week so it shouldn't be an issue for you when you're ready to take a few.
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